Samvid derives its essence from the Sanskrit interpretation of ‘Knowledge’. The year 2013 witnessed the incorporation of this venture. On tracing back the steps of Samvid, one fact becomes quite evident that it is the jack of diverse trades. After laying down a strong
foundation in sectors like Real Estate, Fashion & Apparels, it has now decided to empower the market of Liquor Production, Marketing &
Distribution. Our core team is made up of highly skilled & experienced professionals from Alcoholic Beverages & FMCG Industries with rich
experience in reputed companies i.e. Jagatjit Industries, Bacardi, Tilaknar Industries, United Breweries Etc.

Delivering excellence, convenience, commitment and value over the years; Samvid Group is driven by Visionaries Mr. Birendrra Yadav and Mr. R. K. Saxena all who form a ‘core team’ with focused road map for generations to come.The Pioneers of Samvid are visionaries hence have carved niche in every industry they enter with Focused vision and promising Mission planning. 


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Birendrra Yadav
Founder & Director

Birendrra Yadav, the Founder & Director of Samvid Group is one of the 1st generation entrepreneurs who entered the corporate world with one of the most influential companies, Reliance Industries. Eventually, he embraced the sector of Banking & Finance. This 10 years of experience empowered him to ace the industry of Real Estate. After acquiring awe-inspiring experience in Real Estate for 8+ years, his abilities and skills have now enabled him to enter the Liquor industry. In total, he holds a work experience of 18 years!


R. K. Saxena
Chief Operating Officer

R. K. Saxena holds the position of Chief Operating Officer in Samvid Group. He is heading operation dept. of the firm. Being a B.Sc. graduate, and an Alcohol Technologist with 30 plus years of experience in Alcobev industry exhibits his expertise. He has refined knowledge in the field of Operation/Quality control & Blending of Liquors. In Samvid, he is responsible for the technical aspects with his skill of developing blends in all segments viz C.L., popular, medium, premium and herbal.